Customizable Event Templates to Suit Organiser Needs

3 min readMar 21, 2023


As an organiser, one of the challenging tasks is to create and maintain a dedicated event website. Providing the requirements, identifying and engaging a web developer for this purpose, and reviewing and constantly making the changes is a daunting task. That’s why at KonfHub, we have solved this problem with a simple solution by providing event templates that can be customised.

There are a lot of pain points for an organiser which makes creating or developing a personal page a rather cumbersome task. These include:

  • Time & Energy: There’s a lot of time & energy that goes into creating & maintaining an event page, especially with constant changes and to handle requirements such as responsiveness.
  • Resources: Website development & maintenance requires skilled web developers.
  • Cost: Creating an event page can burn a hole in the organiser’s pocket. They need to purchase a template and also pay for engaging a web developer.

With customizable event templates, KonfHub makes the organiser’s task much easier — and they can do away with the need for engaging a web developer and what’s more, it’s free of cost!

How Does Our Event Templates Help?

KonfHub provides a couple of well-thought and designed event page templates that event organisers can choose and use. The template allows them to add almost every detail that should be present on an event page, including: about the event, speakers, workshops, sponsors, event venue, agenda, and more.

The purpose of the event templates is to ease the organisers from the pressure of having their own website and rather they can focus on the operational part and focus on making their event a success.

How to Choose an Event Template in KonfHub?

From the KonfHub website, when an organiser creates an event, they are redirected to the dashboard to manage that event. In the event admin dashboard, choose the menu option “Advanced -> Event Page Templates” and they’ll be able to choose from available templates.

Currently there are two event page themes that are supported — Professional and Trendy. Organisers can choose to change the theme at any point in time.

How to Update Sections in an Event Page?

For an event, as an organiser edits the event details in the admin dashboard (under “Event Info” menu items), they’ll automatically get reflected in the event page (see image). For instance, if they add a speaker or a sponsor, it will show in the event page in the template they have chosen.

Organising an Event? Use Event Templates from KonfHub!

Our event templates are suitable for any event — including conferences, meetups, and college tech fests — to elevate the overall design experience.

To put things in a gist, our goal is to improve the organiser’s event management experience.

An organiser doesn’t have to invest resources, time & money to create a professional-looking event page. Our event page templates offer plenty of options and they can go live with their event with a comprehensive event page within minutes!

While visually appealing event pages are a key part of attracting an audience to the event, there is a lot more that goes into organising events. At KonfHub, we provide organisers with a range of tools to make their life easier — including automated referral contests, SMS/WhatsApp campaigns, live quizzing, feedback & participation certificates, apps for registrations & lead collection, etc. Inviting organisers to create engaging and effective events using KonfHub!




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