Introducing Hidden Tickets & Access Codes

3 min readMar 28


There are many scenarios where you need to provide special access to your event:

  • Scenario #1: You need to provide free entry tickets to speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and the rest of your team. Only whom you share with should be able to access the ticket and register for the event.
  • Scenario #2: You need to provide free tickets (or paid tickets at discounted prices) to the employees of the company hosting your event by providing space. Only the company employees should be able to access the ticket and register.
  • Scenario #3: You want to provide free tickets to your sponsors and their booth staff.

To deal with such scenarios, KonfHub now provides hidden tickets & access codes feature. Let’s see how to use this feature now.

How to Create Hidden Tickets & Access Codes?

From the KonfHub Dashboard for your event, select “Event Info -> Tickets & Forms’ ‘ and click “Create Ticket” button. When creating the ticket, check the “Hide Ticket” box to create a hidden ticket.

As the name suggests, the ticket is not “visible” in the checkout page along with other tickets for your event. To enable someone to access the hidden ticket, you need to create “access codes”. Below the Hide Ticket box, you have the option to create access codes.

Click on the “Create Access Code” button to create an access code.

Once you create the access code(s), you can see them in the Access Codes accordion.

Now you have successfully created a hidden ticket named “Volunteer Tickets” and a coupon named “VOUNTEERS”. You can share the event link and the coupon code to your event volunteers who can now register themselves in your event.

How to Use Hidden Tickets & Access Codes?

Say you are a volunteer have have received the event link and the code “VOLUNTEERS”. Now you can head to the event page and apply the access code and the ticket becomes visible for you to select and purchase.

That’s it! Didn’t we say creating hidden tickets along with access codes, and using them is easy in KonfHub?

KonfHub has versatile support for ticketing including free, paid and hidden tickets, discount and access codes, approval-based registrations (for closed-door events), uploading attendees, and more! Head to and create your event NOW!




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