Kahoo vs. QuizHub

Kahoot vs. QuizHub: Which is Better for Your Events?

Are you looking for a quizzing platform to host your next event but not sure if you should go for QuizHub or Kahoot? Here’s a guide to make things easier for you!

Integrated streaming: ✅

Kahoot requires all the participants to use their own devices while participating from the same location. The quiz is displayed on a common screen for the live quiz. With QuizHub, the live quiz can be used for in-person events, hybrid events or online events. The reason is that you can have an optional live stream integrated to the quiz itself!

In other words, in QuizHub, you don’t need a display screen or projector for in person events! And you don’t need a Zoom or Google Meet or anything else — just use a live stream from QuizHub for your online event!

Integrated chat: ✅

A drawback with Kahoot is that it doesn’t allow interaction with organisers and other participants for online events. Whereas Quizhub has an interactive chat which makes it a lively experience for the participants.

Projection of questions: ✅

In Kahoot, the questions are projected to the entire audience through a display screen; questions aren’t shown on students’ devices. On the contrary, with QuizHub, questions and answers are both visible to all the participants on their devices.

Question and answers shuffling: ✅

It’s not possible to shuffle questions or answers on Kahoot. Since participants are sitting closeby, it means higher risks of cheating. On QuizHub, the order of questions as well as options can be shuffled (i.e., randomized)! Doing so reduces chances of cheating if the participants are sitting at one place.

Download leaderboard: ✅

As a quiz host, you want to be able to download the leaderboard that has participant details for issuing prizes. Kahoot doesn’t support that. In QuizHub, as an organiser you can download the participant details of the leaderboard (of those who provide the consent for sharing their profile details with the organisers).

Participation certificate: ✅

In Kahoot, there is no participation certificate for the ones participating in the quiz. On the other hand, in QuizHub, a participant certificate is automatically generated for every participant who plays a quiz. Talk about rewarding participants — QuizHub has it all!

What’s better pricing than FREE?: ✅

Kahoot’s price range goes from its free plan(7 day trial) to $720 per year, with 16 different non-enterprise plans that offer an increasing amount of freedom for you as a host. QuizHub is completely free of cost to run any number of quizzes and tournaments. Only for large scale quizzes — that is ones with more than 2000 participants — you need to switch to a Paid plan. Free of any hidden charges. Free of advertisements.

Kahoot Vs. QuizHub: Key features comparison


QuizHub scores on numerous aspects over Kahoot. QuizHub is crafted with supporting different kinds of events in mind: in-person, hybrid, and online; also it is suitable for webinars, training programs, meetups, conferences, or even dedicated quiz tournaments.



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