Win Rewards by Reporting Vulnerabilities on QuizHub

2 min readMar 13


At QuizHub, we place significant emphasis on maintaining the security of our systems. Thus, all reported vulnerabilities are taken seriously. We urge individuals to responsibly and confidentially report any potential incidents to accomplish this objective such as our Vulnerability Disclosure Program.

We are a globally compliant company and take the security of our products and services very seriously. However, despite stringent quality standards and security systems, vulnerabilities may slip through the cracks of our quality assurance processes.

If you are a security researcher and have found a vulnerability, an abuse risk, or a security-related bug in QuizHub products or domains, you can report it to us under QuizHub’s Responsible Disclosure Program hosted by BugBase.

Our Vulnerability Disclosure Program will provide you complete insight on our:

  • Disclosure policy
  • Reporting guidelines
  • Security issues we want to know about
  • Exclusions
  • Out of scope vulnerabilities for Android
  • Safe harbour


We will be rewarding swags for every successful bug report. For the same, we have brackets based on the report’s priority.

Below is our Priority-Reward Bracket:

  • P1 — Xoxoday Voucher worth INR 5,000
  • P2 — Xoxoday Voucher worth INR 2,500
  • Others — T-Shirt each

Xoxoday vouchers are redeemable on Amazon, MakeMyTrip, Swiggy, etc

We want to make QuizHub safer for our users — and with your expertise, we can take the first step towards the same. So, go ahead, keep reporting and keep getting rewards!

Go ahead and check out our Vulnerability Disclosure Program for QuizHub.




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